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The Peacemaker Parent, Solving Problems for Today, Teaching Independence for a Lifetime

Lorraine Esposito 2010/2012

Paperback $9.95

To redirect your child's focus (without nagging that is) you'll need help.

I've created a few "training wheels" that transition everyone into independence.

 10-Minute Clock

See time move and learn how it feels

 10” wall clock with black plastic case.   


A personal assistant to bring you back to task

 Multi Function Kitchen Timer

Included in The Peacemaker Parent is The Morning Peacemaker Method™ it is the process that makes the transition from dependence to independence easier for everyone.  The method is in the book!

The Morning Peacemaker Method Implements the Peacemaker ParentThe

Thank You!






 Watch this little guy dance!  He was truly


When your book arrives, flip to page 27.

What happens when your child was born to dance but you wanted him to be a doctor?


The Morning Peacemaker Method implements the Peacemaker Parent