The Peacemaker Clock

Reinforce the lesson of time management and help your child "feel" the movement of time.

Teaching a child to read a clock is not the same thing as teaching him how to understand the way time feels. It’s likely this abstract concept will take years to be acquired because it requires a lot of experience. Depending upon the activity or mood of your child, time feels that it’s moving either fast or slow. I think this never-steady time state is responsible for much of the last minute stress we experience with our children. As you transition your child from dependency, he will begin to associate his morning distractions with the feeling of time’s speed. To support his growing awareness, a simple tool, the Peacemaker Clock, is just the ticket to put a visual reference with his physical perception. 

10" wall clock in plastic frame. 1AA battery included.

10-Minute Clock


 The 10-minute clock is recommended for kids 6 and up.




 Morning Peacemaker 5-Minute Clock

 The 5-minute clock is best for the little ones 5 and under.



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The Peacemaker Parent, by Lorraine Esposito 

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The Morning Peacemaker Method implements the Peacemaker Parent


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