Praise for

 The Peacemaker Parent

Dr. Candida Fink, MD Psychiatrist

This technique is based on the soundest principles of child development and learning science.

Dr. Lisa Galynker, PhD, Behavioral Therapist

By following the simple steps in The Peacemaker Parent, parents will find that getting children to do the tasks assigned is not nearly as rewarding and effective as watching them develop the skills needed to be independent and to regulate their own behavior.

Dr. Susan Berenzweig, Psy.D

The Peacemaker Parent places the responsibility with the child while demonstrating your trust and confidence in him. To me, one of the most valuable points you make is that failure in the short term is just an expected part of the learning process. How often people give up and become negative when they perceive themselves (and their child) as having failed.

Scarsdale Inquirer 

[The Peacemaker Parent] is not some mystical deity we all wish would visit our homes now and then . . . the peacemaker she refers to could be any one of us. 

Apex Reviews 

Suberbly crafted, Esposito's informative guide strikes a comprehensive balance between academic instruction and basic common sense as it offers a host of helpful tips and advice designed to enlighten and inspire. . . .  Read the complete review

The Eastside Macaroni Kid 

Lorraine Esposito, author of The Peacemaker Parent, has an approach that empowers your kids to be independent problem solvers . . .  Read the complete article 

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