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The Parent Success Program™ is a method for creating a generation of people who can think for themselves and I don’t just mean our kids.


Certainly, creating independence in my children’s generation is the end game; however, that’s not the starting point. The real starting point is with my generation, Generation X--the “Baby Busters,” because being a successful parent is only possible if you are first a successful leader.


Unfortunately, leadership just isn’t taught anymore.


Becoming an extraordinary parent means a willingness and ability to lead not manage, to inspire not motivate, to cooperate not dictate. Everything we go through as kids teaches us to be followers, and while following the status quo might have worked well before when a gold-watch retirement at the end of a long career at a big company was basically a birthright, in today’s ever changing world, it is a very dangerous legacy to pass on.


Join a group of 10 other parents from across the country meeting for 13 weeks on the phone. A new topic starts the week and then we put the idea into action with games and activities.

But the support doesn't stop there!

With optional group support calls the other 4 days, you’re well supported by other parents who are thinking, feeling, and doing exactly the same things you are. You learn, share your knowledge, and feel good that you’re not the only one having trouble sometimes.

Clarity = Confidence  & Confidence = Calm

  Here is a quick program overview

This 13-week program begins by laying the foundation for a change in your perspective, building each week to expand your awareness about leadership.


The topics range from:

·          The differences between Short Games and Long Games

·          Replacing Lucky-Thinking with Results-Thinking

·          The Power of Values in Leadership

·          The Paradox of Parenting

·          Getting Through “The Dip”

·          The Nature of Environments

·          And so much more


We play our way through the program. Suggested weekly activities are structured like a game in which actions and results are rewarded. Yes, we keep score! Participation is necessary for results to materialize because the key to success is in the actions we take.

Challenge at Choice.  Though I challenge you to take action, you are at choice to accept the challenges. Exercising the power to choose is the first skill a leader must develop and you are encouraged to exercise your power at all times during the program. We, your coach and your parent group, champion you in all your choices!


Activities in the program are designed to be fun and fruitful ranging from on-line forms, connecting to other program parents for support and accountability, on-line scavenger hunts, and listening to recorded interviews with guest speakers such as:


·      Former NFL defensive lineman for the New York Jets, Joe Klecko. This 4 time Pro Bowl, 2 time All Pro and co-anchor of the “New York Sack Exchange” talks about manhood, faith, and successfully leading his 5 children through the inherent pressures of following in their famous father’s football footsteps. 

·       The Program Director of a synagogue-based initiative for teens with developmental challenges. She discusses the importance of mentorship and practice for the development of life and social skills.

·       An NFL Special Coordinator for the Carolina Panthers discusses his method of teaching parents how to actually ENJOY watching children play competitive sports and the most detrimental coaching style used in youth sports.

·       The former general manager of the world’s largest coach training organization discusses the reversal of parenting; when your parents suddenly become your newest and most difficult teenager.

·      And yes, many more interesting professionals with something of value to share.


We even have great prizes for high scoring parents!


The program is serious, the intent is focused, and the issue is more important than ever before but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Serious, focused and important are much more effective with humor and playfulness.


The Parent Success Program™ is based on the ideas and methods of The Peacemaker Parent, Solving Problems for Today, Teaching Independence for a Lifetime by Lorraine Esposito.


 We will never be able to teach our kids how to think for themselves if we never allow them to think for themselves.


We want our kids to do their chores on their own and yet we just can’t seem to get the message through to them. Our already busy lives are complicated enough without having to do all our stuff and all their stuff too. How many of you do most of it the night before?


Of course, those beds need to be made and the homework remembered; but besides resolving the day-to-day squabbles, we also crave a peaceful home and a happy existence in our families. The connection between peace today and peace for a lifetime is in knowing what your objective is AT ALL TIMES!


How do you know if The Parent Success Program™ is for you?

  • If you have ever wondered why you react like your parents did when you were young even though you swore you wouldn't.   

Yes it's for you! 

  • If you've ever later regretted having over reacted to some small frustration with your kids.  

Yes it's for you! 

  • If you've ever wished you knew the secret to teaching your child how to think for him or herself. 

Yes it's for you! 

  • If you've ever been worried about your child's ability to take care of him or herself when the time comes.  

Yes it's for you!

  • If you want to teach your kids more than how to read, color in the lines, and tie shoes 

Yes it's for you!

  • If you want to become a stronger leader in your own right 

Yes! This program is definitely for you!


Ask yourself how much added joy would there be in your life if you were crystal clear about your purpose as a parent and had the skills and tools to be effective?  It is immeasurable!




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