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Men and women (even really little women) communicate differely.  Funny and Inspirational


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A REAL woman, a REAL mom, a REAL leader  
  The missing ingredient in many "chores" is FUN! Funny Video 

     Funny Video  A child's intention sometimes need a little help.


   Funny Video    Rube Goldberg inspired / Complexity can be very entertaining. 

Breast Cancer AwarenessFunny and InspirationalRethink Breast Cancer Presents: Your Man Reminder  

  Dove Make Over - Do you think this model strives to look like . . . herself?  Inspires


The Girl Effect - The Clock is Ticking Inspires


A movement forms in just 3 minutes - Lessons about leadership from "The Dancing Guy"  Funny and Inspirational


 The Morning Peacemaker Method implements the Peacemaker Parent

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